Four Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Agent

Four Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Agent

Over almost any other seller of travel, competent travel agents have an advantage. They are there for you when you have difficulties and they understand what you want and speak your language.

So let me describe what I could do.

How come I still enjoy agents? When it comes to trip planning, a capable travel agent might be your best tool. The operative term here is "competent." Moreover, let me explain what I mean by "agent": I'm not always referring to a person reading from a script in an offshore call centre or a hobbyist who spent a few hundred dollars on phoney agency credentials.

I'm referring to a real, licenced travel agent.

It is not a popular stance to hold. I know. These days, there is no shortage of horrifying travel agent stories going around. I have a number of complaints that all have the same fundamental structure. The process is as follows: To be clear, I don't want to disparage internet travel agents. The majority of airline tickets, cruises, and hotel rooms purchased through these big websites go smoothly. Many readers feel that there is room for improvement in the way they handle the inescapable issues.

Let me just advise that you need to hire a decent agent. Here are a four pointers:

1. Find the appropriate certification.

It's a good sign if the travel agent is a member of the Society of Travel Agents. The largest association of travel industry experts in the world, It's a plus if your travel agent has certification from The Travel Institute, which provides training on a range of locations and travel specialties. The Association of Retail Travel Agents is another organisation whose membership is worthwhile may be proof that your agent is a good person. Additionally, your agent needs to be covered by error and omission insurance and abide by any state laws governing travel agents.

2. Remain local if at all feasible.

The human touch cannot be replaced. One-on-one interactions with agents have been my favourite. Online agencies cannot compare to the ability to meet, shake the agent's hand, and look them in the eye. (Note: Home-based agents can and do conduct personal visits; not all agents work in offices.) Only if you're looking for an agent with a highly sought-after speciality is there an exception to this rule. Even yet, when dealing with a huge organisation, a trustworthy voice on the other end of the line is better to the frequently incomprehensible, script-reading customer support representative you're connected to.

3. Speak with the agency.

Choose a different agent if possible. Consult a travel expert Learn how long they have been in business. Ask about fees (they do charge booking fees, but if you find yourself in a bind, they're worth it). The interview should be conducted in person, in my opinion. Pay close attention to how your potential agent replies as well as the activity going on in the surrounding offices. If the other agents are simply concerned in forcing their consumers to make a booking decision, are they spending the time to converse with customers? Is the agent you're interviewing focused on assisting you or does he or she appear to be distracted ? If what you see doesn't appeal to you, move on.

4. Discover how people respond under duress.

The only surefire method to determine whether your travel agent is a keeper is to observe what transpires when you encounter difficulties. And eventually, you will have that chance. What will your agent do if your flight is delayed, your hotel is full to capacity, or your travel insurance claim is denied? As you can see, agents get paid for the reservation either through a charge you pay or a commission they receive directly from the business. They are not your agent if they leave you hanging or merely give you the company's 800-number. Most likely, they're only interested in the commission.
Better travel brokers typically outperform other travel vendors. They are aware of your goals. Their native tongue is yours. Additionally, they stand by your side in times of need.
To put it another way, travel agents are still in use. Only those who are bad are.

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