Travel Trends Today

Travel Trends Today

Travel Trends Today

The travel industry is a constantly evolving sector, with changes occurring faster than before, owing to the increasing technology and demographics. COVID has further aggravated the situation by disrupting almost all aspects of the travel industry, forcing people to get adapted to the massive changes and adjustments occurring with time.

What is the popular travel trend in India?

With the domestic travel, appearing to be heading for a comeback, Indian travelers are opting for quick getaways through road trips, staycations, and weekend breaks. A recent survey on anticipated trends for 2021 proves that Indian travellers prefer local experiences and nature travel as a means to foster personal connections.

The pandemic has impacted the travel-related decisions made by people. Among these effects, improved transparency around health and safety tops the list. A recent survey study reveals that 77 percent of Indians would book accommodations provided the destination had clear health and hygiene policies in place. On the other hand, 71 percent of people say that they would rather abandon altogether certain destinations for safety reasons.

Local travel: Indian travelers are on the lookout for situations that will enable them to bond with friends and family. The pandemic has taught people to slow down and appreciate a relaxed life, paving the way to travel options that are slow and absorbing.

Solo travel trend: The solo travel trend is gathering attention in India, and is likely to get even greater momentum in the future; 49 percent of travellers say that they wish to travel more to make up for the time lost in the year 2020 due to the pandemic, this ultimately, is motivating them on embarking on a solo trip their lifetime.

Safety and hygiene: Safety and hygiene have emerged as the new prerequisites in travel. The new checklist encompasses questions such as ‘Does the destination comply with COVID precautions?’, and ‘Does the place ensure social distancing?’ The need for additional requirements is causing many to settle for higher category hotels and homes, independent villas that also assure the comfort of a holiday.

What do people like to do in India?

Luxurious staycations: With restrictions in international travel and many quarantine rules in place, rise in domestic travel with a preference for luxurious staycation options is being anticipated. Preferences include villas over hotels, restaurants with increased space, villas having a backyard, et cetera.

Traveling closer to cities: Travellers prefer locations that are in proximity to their city of residence, offering them dual advantage of experiencing a slower pace of life while being close to their family at the same time.

Family travel: The pandemic has changed the perspective of the people willing to travel. Realizing the significance of family, people usually prefer to travel in closely knitted groups of four or more family members, which sometimes also include pets.

Rejuvenating travel: Post lockdown, people willing to break from a sedentary indoor lifestyle are opting to travel to interior places that are characteristically closer to the Nature. People want to soak themselves in the fresh air and scenic beauty that nature can offer them.

Strong demand for resorts and vacation rentals: Travellers are looking for more staycation options, or a change of setting combined with good sanitary conditions that comply with COVID measures. People seek larger spaces better equipped for longer leisure stays ensuring social isolation at the same time. There is strong demand for suburban destinations, and luxury.

Trending tourist places of India


Kashmir Valley is an ideal destination place for newlyweds, nature lovers, family vacationers, or just a group of friends. It offers various adventures like river-rafting trekking, and skiing, in addition to recreational activities like spa, fishing & angling


The capital city of India is a city of heritage, encompassing different monuments, busy bazaars, delicious street food, malls, luxury hotels and restaurants.


Kerala is one of the most picturesque places in India with a multitude of tourists flocking every year. Kerala possesses scenic hill stations and various wildlife sanctuaries, besides the serene backwaters and beaches. Kerala is undeniably a highly recommendable destination for any traveller.


Famous for its magnificent monuments, gorgeous beaches, and delish seafood, Goa is the synonym for fun. Packed with bars, beach shacks, clubs and many discotheques, it offers the best nightlife anyone can ask for.

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